About Me

I have been in private and clinic practice as a counselor, life-facilitator and coach since 2009. My main training is in Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology), a Jungian based paradigm which applies to individuals, couples, groups and large group conflict facilitation. I am also a certified Trauma Release Exercises practitioner, and continue to study other ground-breaking work in healing trauma.

I have taught Processwork classes at the Processwork Institute, which is where my practice office is, and I am also a board member there. I have been on the facilitation teams of large group WorldWork seminars in London,UK, Israel/Palestine and Chiapas, Mexico.

I am particularly inspired to work with people at the intersection of where their personal experience meets global issues, and how we all connect our outer lives to dreaming reality and spirituality. My other areas of special interest include caring deeply for wounded parts of the self, extreme states, relationships, working with inner criticism, supporting creativity and nurturing social awareness and activism.

I also support people who live with chronic illness and other body problems. I have EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), so I have a lot of first hand experience with hidden symptoms and environmental sensitivities. I support people to navigate the complex interactions between body problems, emotions and states of mind.

When I’m not working with people, facilitating groups or teaching, I can usually be found with several balls of yarn and knitting needles, or making sauerkraut. I also occasionally write poetry and fiction. You can hear some of my work here.

My rescue dog, Puck, is with me most of the time, and usually comes to work too.

My preferred pronouns are they/them/theirs.

Email me or give me a call.

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